Roofing and Maintenance

From repairs to sealing and painting, LBK has all the right equipment to carry out a top-notch refurbishment of your existing roof. We address anomalies and pressure wash all fungus off before painting

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Laminate Flooring

LBK has carried out numerous laminated flooring, mostly incorporated with other Projects.
We only use market leaders for our flooring supplies, warranties are direct from the supplier.
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Cupboards and Office Furniture

LBK has installed many built-in cupboards and custom furniture.
We design, our supplier fabricates the carcasses and we install.
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Door Fitment and Maintenance

Installing doors correctly and neatly is important. With natural wood, you only get one chance to do it right.
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Patios & Entertainment

LBK are very proficient in designing and erecting many different types of patio structures.
Incorporated with this are ceilings and lighting.
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Flagstone Paving and Tiling (Outdoor)

LBK carries out new paving and outdoor tiling work. Flagstones, tiles, and cladding are fabricated from cement with dyes and castings; to represent various natural rock finishes.
Pavers are ~40mm and tiles ~25mm thick.
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Garage Doors and Automation

LBK is extensively experienced in Garage Door installations, Maintenance, and Automation. Our preference is Centurion equipment but we can install any brand of automation available on the market.
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Composite, Natural Wood Decking

Composite Decking is made from a compound of bamboo and recycled plastics.
It is very durable requiring no maintenance other than cleaning.
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Domestic Commercial Security

LBK can install any type of alarm system and CCTV systems. Utilising the best equipment available, we ensure that your assets are protected and monitored.
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Plumbing Services Maintenance

LBK carry out a wide range of plumbing services. Neat and Tidy workmanship to ISO standards.
Maintenance and callouts for blocked drains and leaking taps and toilets.
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Kitchen Revamps and Facelifts

With the establishment of LBK in 2004, all of our first projects were kitchen make-overs.
From 3D concepts to the final product, we address everything that needs attention.
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Gates Security & Automation

LBK can fabricate any type of driveway or security gates.
From a simple Sliding gate to a Swing gate or Bi-folding swing gates.
All of these can be automated and even integrated with your alarm system and remote access via your Mobile.
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Electrical Maintenance

LBK carries out a wide range of electrical services, from new installations to modifications of existing installations.
All of this is carried out to ISO standards. No shocks guaranteed.
Even the parts you don’t see, are installed with future maintenance in mind.
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Carports and Shadeports

With the establishment of LBK in 2004, many of our first projects were carports and Shadeports.
Our designs are both functional and easy to install, it takes 2 people with minimal tools to erect one of our constructions.
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LBK have a very unique method of ceiling replacement. Our dropped frames are set 100% level with a laser level and all parts of the ceiling installations are only screwed together.
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Bathroom Refurbishments

LBK carry out a wide variety of bathroom renovations.
From 3D concepts to the final product, we address all of this.
We can also assist you in the choices of the correct tiles, sanitary ware and
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