LBK carry out a multitude of renovation services. Some of these are;

  • Bathroom refurbishments
  • Kitchen installations
  • Minor building alterations
  • Roofing and Roof Sealing
  • Gate Fabrication and Automation
  • CCTV and Alarms
  • Plumbing and Electrical
  • Garage Doors and Automation


LBK carry out roof maintenance including;

  • Roof sealing
  • Spray Painting
  • Fascia board installations
  • Barge board installations
  • Ceilings and painting
  • Ceiling Insulation
  • Gutters
  • Extensions to existing roofing.

Door fitment

LBK are fully equipped to carry out any type of door installation and maintenance.

  • Patio Doors
  • External wooden doors
  • Stable doors
  • Internal hollow core doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Pelmets

Flooring & Decking

LBK carry out all types of Laminate Flooring and Outdoor Decking.

  • Composite Decking
  • Natural Wood Decking
  • Fascias
  • Deck refurbishment
  • Laminated Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring


LBK carry out all types of plumbing installations and maintenance. These include;

  • Drains
  • Water feeds
  • Refurbishments
  • Toilet maintenance
  • Bathroom installations
  • Kitchen installations


Both members of LBK are qualified electricians. Electrical work includes;

  • Domestic and industrial wiring
  • Gate and garage door automation
  • Pumps
  • Electrical fencing
  • DB Board rewiring
  • Instrumentation